Oregon Student Association’s
Vote OR Vote

The Oregon Student Association asked us to pass along this information to all PCC faculty. 

You may have seen emails from the Oregon Student Association  regarding the Vote OR Vote campaign, asking for a few minutes of your class time to help students register to vote and educate them about voting. A lot of you said yes, and thanks to your assistance, we managed to register over 2000 PCC students (and a handful of instructors) on all four campuses, and we provided non-partisan voter education to close to 4300 students before the May 15 primaries.
We couldn’t have done it without faculty support, so on behalf of ASPCC and the Oregon Student Association, many thanks for opening your door to our campaign! Fair warning: you are about to receive more emails from us, as during election years we continue voter registration through the Summer and Fall.

So, why should you let us into your classes?

  1. Because it only takes 5 minutes, and ensures that PCC is in compliance with the institutional requirements set forth in Oregon Senate Bill 951 (2007) and the federal Higher Education Act.
  2. Because only about half of Oregonians aged 18-29 are currently registered to vote, which means our elected officials do not pay attention to issues that matter to students. Rises in tuition, decreases in financial aid available, and the spiraling costs of student debt make it increasingly harder for students to graduate. At OSA we like to say that when students vote, students win –but the truth is that when students vote, all of us working in higher education win.
  3. Because regardless of political affiliation (and ours is strictly a non-partisan campaign), we can all agree that the 2018 midterm elections will be crucial: the choices we’ll make in November will have profound consequences at the local, national and global levels. But democracy doesn’t work if people don’t vote –turnout for the Oregon May primaries was only 33.64%, can you help us do better?

So please, when you get that message from ASPCC students asking for access to your classes, take a minute to answer, hopefully in the positive. We look forward to meeting with you all and visiting your
classes in the Summer and/or in the Fall!
If you have any questions, feel free to email:

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