Goodbye and Thanks to Linda Blanchette

Linda Blanchette, former Director of Professional and Organizational Development (POD), is no longer employed by PCC. Her position was eliminated in a recent reorganization, and her last day at work was March 28th, 2018. Since this decision was not announced by administration, we thought you’d like to know and also take this opportunity to thank Linda for her many years of service to FFAP members.

Linda started her employment at PCC as an AP and was represented by our Federation. In 2007, she moved into a management position as Director of POD, where she oversaw training and development programs that greatly benefited so many FFAP members. She started the AP Institute, which is the first (and so far only) professional-development experience for all APs. She was a tireless advocate for the development of all employees at PCC, and we will miss her.

If you would like to write a short note of thanks to Linda, please do so below.

We, the members of PCC Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals, thank Linda for her dedication, her hard work, and her service over many years at PCC.

Fair winds and following seas, Linda!

29 thoughts on “Goodbye and Thanks to Linda Blanchette”

  1. Dear Linda,
    I want to thank you for all of your support & leadership through the years. I’ll always fondly remember the breakfast spreads during District Inservice, especially the Bacon! Good luck with your future endeavors. Take care.

  2. Linda, I was sorry to read this. You have been a consistent worker and a cheerful presence. I am sure you will land on your feet and continue to do good work someplace where your skills are appreciated.

  3. Linda has been a loyal and effective PCC employee for many years. She is dedicated and always looking for ways to improve programs and training for faculty.
    Thank you, Linda, for your years of service. You will be missed by many of us.

  4. You’ll be missed, Linda! I could always count on your for impeccable organization and a great sense of humor. I really enjoyed working with you on In-Service over the years. I really hope the future brings great things for you!!

  5. Linda,

    I cannot begin to say how much I have appreciated your work, support, encouragement through the years, and how sad I am that you have been “removed” as a PCC employee. I would love to connect again, outside of PCC.

  6. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for helping me know about and apply for funding over the years. It was empowering and I could not have done it without you.

  7. Linda, One of the highlights of my teaching career at PCC has been the opportunity to work with you in collaboration with the Teaching Learning Centers and the Center for Careers in Education on innovative projects such as the New Faculty Institute, the “Mentoring Minions”, Fall In-Service, and numerous POD programs, academies, and sessions. Your passion for life-long learning, professional development, international student advocacy, and tireless endeavors for organizational development provided a compass to guide us closer to the our personal, professional and institutional potential. I hope there is cake on your horizon.

  8. Linda, you have left a wonderful legacy at PCC. I am honored to have worked with you.

  9. Linda, thanks for your tireless advocacy for the professional development for PCC employees. I will miss your cheerfulness and energy. I wish you the best in your next career step.

  10. Hello Linda,
    Remembering the CAPITAL Center days! Great to work with you in a variety of projects over the years! Wishing you ALL THE BEST!!

  11. Oh my goodness. Who will rival me now with his or her latest fashion?!?
    You were always a breathe of fresh air. Let’s get drunk some time soon.

  12. Linda,

    I knew you for a very short period of time. I appreciated all your support, communicating via emails for several months about training and other development opportunities. I had the opportunity to work with you shortly towards the end of your time here at PCC and always learned so much from you and was able to see things from a different perspective. You have so much knowledge and expertise that PCC is really losing out on. I wish I had more opportunities to meet with you one on one to learn how to improve as an AP and the work that I do. Thanks for everything. Good luck on your next journey!

  13. Thank you Linda for all your tireless efforts and support of not only the Teaching Learning Center but PCC as a whole. Your service will be missed and noticed. I especially want to thank you for your guidance with the Teaching Learning Centers. You always brought an air of calmness and professionalism.
    All my best,

  14. Wow Linda,
    I’m so sorry. You did so much for all of us at PCC. You deserve so much better. Enough said.
    P.S. Maybe we can organize a Happy Hour for a proper send off…?

  15. Thanks for everything, Linda. You facilitated many training opportunities for me as an ESOL teacher, most recently some anti-racism and diversity awareness workshops. Best of luck.

  16. Thank you Linda! I will always appreciate you letting me be part of one of the first LEAD academies. You did me a great service. Good luck with the future.

  17. Linda, while I cannot rival your and Bryan’s fashion sense, nor keep up with the beverage consumption effects, I want to say your professionalism through the years has been appreciated!

    Thanks in particular for your work with the POD grant review committee every quarter, and initiating the valuable AP Institute event.

    Good luck and all the best your way!

  18. Thank you, Linda, for your support (and for your generous nature, deadlines-wise)! You helped us become a stronger, more supportive PCC community. May the road rise up to meet you.

  19. Thank you Linda for everything you’ve done for PCC and for all of the professional development opportunities you spearheaded for faculty, APs, classified, and managers. I look back on our time in LEAD Academy cohort 2 with fondness. I’ll miss your wit, fashion sense, and friendship. I wish nothing but the best for you.

    Laura Horani

  20. Linda,
    I appreciated the integrity you brought to your important work, and the emphasis you placed on inclusive process.

    Wishing you happiness!

    Shirlee Geiger

  21. Linda
    You will be sorely missed. Your dedication and commitment to professional development for faculty and staff was greatly appreciated by most of us at PCC. Those of us who had the pleasure of working with and collaborating with you understand this is a major loss for PCC. I always enjoyed serving on your committees!

    Take care and good luck in your future endeavors.

  22. Linda,
    Your going to be missed and I have always enjoyed working with you over the many years and seeing you grow professionally over those years with PCC. Your quick replies and advocacy for academic professionals’ development both for professional and even personal growth is very much appreciative. Working you on this year’s Academic Professional Institute Day was bittersweet knowing that you will be losing your job but you stayed professional and willing to the last minute. Thank you so much. Let us know where we can be of assistance to you.

    Jaime R.

  23. Linda,
    You’ve had a consistent, positive impact on PCC, always nudging us in the right direction. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to thank you and say goodbye in person.
    New beginnings are always filled with opportunity, and I’m sure you’ll excel in whatever you decide to do, just as you excelled here.
    All the best to you.

  24. Linda –
    I am truly shocked by what happened. You have served PCC to the best of your ability for many years, and I’m sorry that you’ve been dismissed in this way after your long service.

    Many people at PCC have benefited by your work, including me, and you are appreciated (if not by those who made the decision). I do know you are resourceful and resilient and professional, and that you will find another job, even though this has to hurt.

    Many warm thoughts as you make your new way. Sylvia Gray

  25. Linda,

    Thank you so much for being an advocate for professional development and professional growth for all PCC Academic Professionals. I will miss your professional style and grace.

  26. Dear Linda, I am eternally grateful for the professional development opportunities for part-time faculty that I was able to take advantage of under your POD stewardship. Thank you and all my best wishes for your next venture. Michelle Mueller, adjunct and occasional temp. FT in VAPAD since Fall 2008.

  27. Linda,

    Whenever I went to you for support or advice, I walked away feeling empowered and hopeful. I wish that happened more often at PCC.

    Thank you for you time here and your work here. May you find a way to wash the icky off and find a place that fits your many skills.

    If that proper send off happens, I’d love to join!

    -Michele Marden

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