Negotiations Team Reaches a Tentative Agreement: Dinner on Monday 10/26 for more!!

Posted on Behalf of Frank Goulard:

Faculty and Academic Professional colleagues,
We have a tentative agreement for a four-year contract (2015-2019) with a wages & benefits reopener in 2017! This is contingent on our negotiations team wrapping up with the administration team.

We were able to conclude with quite a few items that will be beneficial for our membership as we go forward. I want to especially thank the members of our bargaining team, who I was alongside with at the table, and very proud of, during this long and intense negotiations process: Ed DeGrauw (lead negotiator), Corrinne Crawford, Minoo Marashi, Jaime Rodriguez, Chelsea Ellertson, and Michael Cannarella (labor relations specialist).

Thank you for your outstanding support and patience during this year! We are still planning our dinner at the Sylvania cafeteria. We will celebrate, provide f2f information, and answer questions. You are still welcome to attend the board meeting and support your team’s efforts, as well as any constructive remarks you may have if you choose to speak to the board.

Thanks again and take care,

Frank Goulard,
President, PCCFFAP