Negotiations Update 10/14 AND CALL TO ACTION

Your negotiations team met with PCC administration on Tuesday, October 13. After we had expressed strong concerns about the last offer, we were hopeful. Yesterday the administration showed us they had the money to settle the contract—accepting our fair proposal—right then and there.

They chose not to.

Administration revealed new data indicating that the college’s anticipated revenue would be $4.5 million more than the amount that was discussed at the last negotiating session – exactly the amount needed to close the gap between the two positions outlined in the table below.

Rather than settle the contract, however, administration proposed adding $3 million to the college’s reserve funds – this on top of the $5 million they have already set aside for the reserve fund in their current proposal. Their only concession on salary and benefits was a small increase in classified employees’ COLA from 1% to 1.5%/yr (at a cost of $500,000), with the remaining $1 million going to faculty and APs to use at our discretion – a one-time lump sum amounting to less than 1% of our combined salaries.

So, despite an additional $4.5 million in anticipated revenue, the administration’s position on faculty and AP COLA remains unchanged at 1%.  No money for professional development, no compensation for PT faculty non-instructional work, no additional steps, and no new FT faculty positions were proposed.

Given the state’s healthier economic condition, the raises we’ve foregone during the recession, and the volume & quality of work performed, we believe our proposal is fair and reasonable, particularly in light of the record biennial dollar increase in the state’s Community College Support Fund (CCSF).

It’s also worth noting that while administration is denying faculty and APs a fair COLA, they have planned and asked the board to increase the salaries of five cabinet-level executives at the college by 24% – to bring them up to market value – over the next five years.

The table below is a revised summary of the federation and administration positions on the issues at stake:


Federation position

Admin position

Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)

⇧2.5% for FT Faculty & APs

⇧3% for PT

⇧ 1% for FT & PT

Health insurance cap

⇧ 5%

⇧ 5%

Top Step for Faculty and APs

Add new top step for APs, PT, and FT Faculty

No new top step for anyone

Professional Development

$500,000 per year for FT/PT faculty and APs


Compensation for PT faculty for college work outside of teaching (committees, etc.)

$500,000 per year


New FT faculty positions

100 new FT faculty positions funded as a strategic initiative

0 new FT faculty positions

Estimated total Cost to PCC

$22.5 Million

$18 Million

These two proposals are $4.5 million apart. That is precisely the same number that the administration’s team announced they had found since our last bargaining session. We could be done with this negotiation.

Instead, we were told that this new $4.5 million would mostly be put to other uses. Same with another $5 million which when “put to other uses” adds to PCC’s $17 million ending fund balance. Same with another $4 million when “put to other uses” is for unspecified strategic initiatives. Same with another $29 million, which is in PCC’s PERS bond reserve fund that must be spent by 2027 (at the average rate of $3 million/yr).

At the end of our last session, we were not far apart: only 1%, of the general fund budget. It is extremely frustrating that administration is not willing to bargain in light of all of the above conditions to reach a fair and reasonable contract settlement as has customarily been the case at PCC. Our employees and our students deserve better.

We need your support now more than ever. If you haven’t already, please mark your calendars for the next PCC Board Meeting: Monday, October 26 at Sylvania CC Conference Rooms A&B. We’ll provide food & drink in the Sylvania Cafeteria starting at 6pm, followed by the 7:30 Board meeting. In the coming days, you will receive more information from us about specific ways you can help us make a strong case to the board. In the meantime, please plan on attending, and bring a colleague or two!

We are close to settling this contract. But we need your support to help us ensure a settlement worthy of our dedicated faculty and APs. We hope to see you all at the Board meeting! Thank you.