Bargaining Update #12

On Friday, September 20, FFAP presented a counter-proposal to the administration’s most recent offer of a 1% COLA. Our goals remain unchanged, and the Federation team provided some creative options for management to achieve them. Our second economic proposal to management included:

  • A Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) that meaningfully addresses the steep cost of living increases in the Portland metro area over the last decade
  • The elimination of levels 1&7 on the Academic Professional (AP) pay scale and then moving every AP up one level. (Background on this issue here.)
  • Instructional pay parity for part-time faculty (equal pay for equal work)
  • Changes to the Faculty Department Chair (FDC) compensation structure. (background here.)
  • A new top step for full-time faculty, and elimination of the bottom step

The above items represent a significant investment in faculty and APs – one that makes up for years of under-investment. Additionally, FFAP’s proposal included some high-priority items that would be low-to-no-cost to the college. These include:

  • Allowing part time faculty to be considered for step advancement twice per year instead of once per year. 
  • Option for part time faculty to be paid at the course pay rate as opposed to special project rate for district roles
  • An increase in the part time faculty maximum sick leave accrual to 96 hours
  • Making funds available on the last business day of the month before a pay date that falls on a weekend. 
  • Adding contract language codifying the part time faculty stipend rate of $25/hour 
  • Allowing the AP leave bank to be used for caregiving
  • Six weeks of paid parental leave
  • A way to document faculty non-instructional hours

Let’s keep the momentum going! The next bargaining session will take place on October 1 from 1-4pm at CLIMB. Sign up to attend here!