Attend a Bargaining Session

We have a Bargaining Team of six members and a staff to support them. They will meet with the administration’s team for many Fridays over the next six or so months. They represent us.

But we need more than just them to show up. We need you, too. Sign up to attend a bargaining session or two.


  • It’s an eye-opening experience. You can see (in ways both good and bad) how some administrators see our members.
  • It’s also helpful for our negotiating team; it shows them we support their work through the slog of negotiations. It also gives them and you a chance to offer direct feedback.
  • It helps remind the administration that we aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet. Putting a human face on our demands helps us win the contract we need.

We need you, so please sign up. Learn how a contract gets made and, just by coming, help us win a better contract.

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