Update on AP 6&7

(This is copied from an email sent to APs on November 19, 2019)

In 2005, the PCC administration agreed to add 2 new levels to the AP pay scale, expanding it from 5 levels to 7. Since then, not a single AP has been placed or reclassified at AP 6 or 7. This has been a source of frustration and confusion for APs! Over the years, we’ve been told:

-An AP whose duties are more complex than a level 5 would be a manager.
-The college paid an outside organization to develop the 5-level scale, using a system that is proprietary.
-Expanding the scale to 7 levels would be too expensive/complicated/disruptive!

During bargaining, the college admitted *on the record* that it is 100% impossible for an AP to achieve level 6 or 7. And yet, AP 6&7 remain in the contract, like Lucy with the football, and APs keep running up to it, only to fall on our backs . (Not sure if my metaphor works – at least in the Lucy scenario the football is real!)

In bargaining, we proposed a solution: Eliminate Levels 1&7, and bump every AP up one level, resulting in an across-the-board 6.5% pay increase for every AP. We felt this was a fair solution to the college’s seemingly bad-faith installation of salary levels that were unattainable.

We were and remain open to phasing this in over 2-4 years. But the college has been completely unwilling to entertain this solution, nor have they proposed an alternative.Here’s the thing, though: the college is contractually obligated to “maintain a job classification system for Academic Professionals.” (reference Article 5.71) By refusing to provide a system that includes levels 6&7, they are  in violation of the contract.

To address this, our Labor Relations Specialist, Vincent Blanco will soon file a group grievance (kind of like a class-action lawsuit) on behalf of all APs. Were it to be resolved in our favor (which we are quite confident it would be), the grievance would force the college to create a system that includes 6&7. We are also asking for backpay for APs who have been negatively impacted by this situation.

Alternatively, the college could meet our demands at the bargaining table. APs would agree to a five-level system in exchange for a pay adjustment, and, presumably, the grievance goes away.

Since the grievance is being filed on behalf of all APs, I wanted to let you know. Please reach out to Michelle DuBarry (michelle.dubarry@pccffap.org) or Heidi Edwards (heidi.edwards@pccffap.org) if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and we hope to see many of you later this week on the picket line, at the board meeting, or the bargaining room.

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