Public Student Loan Forgiveness Improvements for Part-Time Faculty

PSLF improvements

AFT-Oregon members worked hard on Lobby Day and submitted powerful testimonies to the legislature in the 2022 session on the importance of clarifying and expanding Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) through the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 1572B.  

As a follow up to implementation challenges from 2021’s House Bill (HB) 3255, SB 1572B provides statutory clarity that community colleges and universities are required to comply with PSLF notification requirements and the application of a weekly hour multiplier for faculty.

SB 1572B clarified that for every one hour of assigned lecture time an educator works, they should be credited for an additional 4.35 hours for the purposes of certifying eligibility for the Federal PSLF Program.

Further, SB 1572B provides a directive for universities and colleges to apply the 4.35 hour multiplier for eligible hours retroactively. This legislation also expressly provides that a higher multiplier can be bargained locally and also requires an education employer to use a 30 hour threshold in defining full time for the purposes of PSLF.

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