PCCFFAP Joins Divest Oregon Coalition

There is a climate emergency and we need to take action now. An important step is to have Oregon’s Treasury divest out of fossil fuel investments in PERS. Fossil fuel investments are losing ground and green energy investments, which provide better returns for our future financial health and community health. To find out more go to: Divest Oregon campaign.

If you are ready, let’s act together to make this a reality. Contact to Treasurer Tobias Read and let him know we want to divest!  Here’s where you can get sample of verbiage and the contact info: https://pdx350.salsalabs.org/divest_oregon/index.html

To join the PCCFFAP Team on Divest Oregon contact the Vice President of Political and Legislative Action, Mary Schutten at mary.schutten@pccffap.org .

PCCFFAP will provide updates about the campaign until we win!