Lobby Day for Part-Time Faculty Healthcare Bill

AFT is organizing a Lobby Day in Salem on Monday, 2/17 (Presidents’ Day) to support Oregon’s Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty Healthcare Bill. You may remember a previous effort on this matter via Oregon’s SB852 in the 2019 legislative session.

Because in 2020 we have a short legislative session (35 days), AFT-OR and our affiliates in the Higher Education Coalition (SEIUAAUPOEAOSA) have chosen this as the #1 priority legislation for this year.
We invite you to join us in meeting one-on-one with legislators and presenting testimony related to adjunct faculty’s struggles with obtaining affordable health insurance. If you can join us, please sign up at the link provided here

If you know any past or current part-time faculty, please feel free to pass this invitation along to them. If you know someone who cannot join us on this Lobby Day but would like to have their stories heard, they are welcome to submit testimony via the signup link and have it read aloud on their behalf.

Nervous about lobbying? Trainings and informational materials will be provided at the Lobby Day in Salem. Members need never have lobbied before to participate in this event!

Please sign up at the link provided below. Remember: Our strength comes from our solidarity with one another.

Sign up here to participate in this Lobby Day: bit.ly/aftlobbyday