Federation support and resources during COVID-19 crisis

Moments ago, PCCFFAP President Frank Goulard sent a memo to PCC administration asking them to take stronger measures to protect PCC employees, their families, and our community from the COVID-19 virus. You can read the memo here.

While the decision-making power with regard to closures and work arrangements lies with the administration and PCC managers, PCC faculty and academic professionals have several rights and protections guaranteed by our contract, and Federation leaders are here to support and advocate for you in your individual circumstances. We are working closely with administration to ensure that employees are not exposed to unnecessary risk. As a first step, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with Articles 19 (Absences and Leaves) and 27 (Health and Safety) of the contract (link here), specifically. A few key components include:

Article 19.82 Full-time Faculty and Academic Professional employees are FLSA exempt employees. As such, the expectation of these staff is that their work time is not bound to a fixed schedule and that employees will cover course material and meet work requirements, which may require working offsite or outside of their typical work schedule.

Article 27.5 Employees will report unsafe conditions or practices on a form provided by the College to the College’s safety/risk officer with a copy to the employee’s Administrative Supervisor and to the Federation. Management will provide the reporting employee and the Federation with a timely summary of findings and recommendations.

In many circumstances, disputes can be resolved with a phone call or email between a union representative and an employee’s supervisor or human resources. In fact we have been busy on the phone with several members helping to ensure that the College is making reasonable accommodations to protect employees from exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

In more serious situations, employees have the right to file a formal grievance with the College, a process the Federation can guide you through. The grievance procedure is outlined in Article 25.

If you would like support or guidance for your individual circumstances, please contact one of the following:

Emiliano Vega, Full-time Faculty Grievance Officer: emiliano.vega@pccffap.org

Heidi Edwards, Academic Professional Grievance Officer: heidi.edwards@pccffap.org

Our Part-time faculty grievance officer is currently out on medical leave. Part-time Faculty members may contact PCCFFAP President Frank Goulard (frank.goulard@pccffap.org) or Labor Relations Specialist Vincent Blanco (vincent.blanco@pccffap.org)

We ask for your patience as we make our way through the emails. We may be triaging requests to other members of the federation Executive Council, so you may hear from someone other than the person you contacted.

We will be in close contact over the next several weeks as the situation evolves, and we are currently looking into ways to gather members together online to ask questions in real time – more on that soon.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to members of your Executive Council. Stay safe and well.