Bargaining Continues: Budget Updates and August Meeting Dates

Will Mahoney-Watson, Acting VP of Communications, guest-writes this bargaining update.

Dear Colleagues:

Your FFAP/FCE bargaining team met with the administration team this week on Thursday, July 6th at the CLIMB Center. There were no new items on the agenda. New meeting dates were agreed upon for August 4th, 9am-noon, Aug. 11th, 12-3pm and Aug 22nd, 9am-noon.

The administration team presented revised cost estimates of the Federation proposals. Although we can quibble about the numbers, this fact remains: Admin and the Federations are far apart at this point. Admin claims that the Federations’ proposed costs are far higher than their budget will allow.

The final budget figures from the state will soon be released, and then the real negotiations can begin. The PCC Board will also decide if it’s going to roll back the proposed 2018-19 tuition increase it had previously approved.

Admin is asking us to prioritize our requests and our priority is to maximize the impact of the available dollars, while still supporting as many of the proposals as we can. The team will be meeting prior to the next session to evaluate, maximize and prioritize the impact of the proposals prior to the next negotiation session.

Your FFAP/FCE bargaining team has put four main proposals on the bargaining table:

  1. A 4% cost-of-living allowance (COLA) per year for all employee classes;
  2. New top step for all employee classes (and eliminate the bottom step);
  3. Increase the number of steps (from 9 to 17) for PT faculty and increase the equivalent pay rate to 80% of FT faculty.
  4. Various reductions to out-of-pocket health insurance costs.

There are also other minor (cost-wise) proposals which we anticipate will have a high dollar to impact ratio, including expanding and extending Classified early retirement.

The Federations commended the Admin team’s decision to allow a few observers to attend the meeting, even though the number of observers had not been properly submitted in advance due to the holiday weekend.

The Administration also needs to prioritize its budget spending. It needs to remember that students come to PCC for the people, not the facilities or the managers. The instructors, advisers, counselors, public-safety officers, custodians, food service staff and many other employees are the face of PCC to the students. We need support and incentives to do our jobs well to ensure student success.

Our next negotiation session is Tuesday, July 18th at 9am at CLIMB. We need as many observers as possible to put some pressure on the Admin team!

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Sign up to attend the next bargaining session! (The deadline to sign up for the July 18th meeting is Wed. July 12th)
  2. Please Button up!
  3. Spread the word to your colleagues!

Yours in solidarity,

Will Mahoney-Watson
Acting VP of Communications, on behalf of your bargaining team
(Frank Goulard, Allison Gross, Peter Seaman, Michael Cannarella, Shirlee Geiger, Jeff Grider, Cherie Maas-Anderson, Elisabeth Garcia Davidson)