Black Lives Matter

The PCC Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals stands in solidarity with our African American colleagues, students, and community members and their allies who are protesting the scourge of violence, brutalization, and intimidation by police against people of color in the United States—a practice that is rooted in our nation’s history of colonization, slavery, and white supremacy.

The PCCFFAP Executive Council is committed to disrupting racism at PCC and in the communities we serve. We are committed to heeding President Mitsui’s call to embrace accountability and engage in anti-racist praxis. As an organization, we’ve been talking about what anti-racism looks like in the context of a labor union. As important as it is to provide representation, support with grievances, and to fight for better pay, benefits, and working conditions—it’s not enough. Our colleagues of color repeatedly let us know that despite all of the policies, committees, and reforms, structural racism persists at PCC.

During the last round of contract negotiations, we showed that when we work together in solidarity, we can make a difference from the status quo. The work of fighting for meaningful change is grueling and often the result is imperfect. But together we must work toward that change because the one thing we all know, which the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others have tragically clarified, is that when it comes to race in America, the status quo has never been acceptable.

What this work looks like as we are all living under the stress of a global pandemic is unclear. But please know your union leaders are talking about it with renewed urgency, and that you will hear more from union leaders in the coming weeks on specific steps we are taking to support communities of color and how you can be involved.

Please reach out to any of our Executive Council members with thoughts or feedback, including if you need support and resources.