Bargaining Update: Late Cancellation Last Week

Dear Colleagues:

Your FFAP and FCE Joint Bargaining Team (JBT) was scheduled to meet with the administration team on Friday, Aug 11th at the CLIMB Center. At 5:38pm on the 10th, we received an email from admin. They apologized for the late notice and said they had to cancel the meeting because simply put, they weren’t ready. They said they had been working on various costing options and needed more time to put together a proposal.

The JBT had to spring into action to notify all participants and observers that the meeting had been cancelled. Unfortunately, not everyone received the notifications and some observers showed up to the CLIMB Center Friday morning.

While this late cancellation caused us some undue inconvenience, we are hopeful that this is a positive sign. Admin has yet to present an official proposal, so it would be a constructive step to receive one at the next meeting, scheduled for 9am on Tuesday, Aug. 22nd.

That’s the day after the eclipse and traffic is expected to be fierce. Interested observers should plan on arriving much earlier than the normal 8:45 meeting time in case of traffic delays. The Federations will provide some breakfast munchies for the early arrivers.

Interested observers are encouraged to sign up and attend the next meetings on Tuesday, Aug. 22nd and Thursday, Aug. 24th at 9am at the CLIMB Center. Observers get to provide immediate feedback to the JBT during caucuses and after the meeting. Your attendance is not only valuable as a show of solidarity, but also helps spread the word to your colleagues about negotiations.

Many of you have expressed frustration about the slow progress in bargaining this summer. While we are working hard and hoping for the best, we are also starting to plan for the possibility that the academic year will begin without a settlement. If this happens, we’ll be asking you to get more involved to help us move forward. We continue to believe that there are resources in the budget for a fair and reasonable contract.

Here are some things you can do right now:

  1. Sign up to attend the next bargaining session right now! (The deadline to sign up for the Aug. 22nd meeting is Thursday, Aug. 17)
  2. Please Button up!
  3. Attend upcoming PCC Board Meetings
  4. Wear a Transparency T-shirt, available at the Federation office.
  5. Spread the word to your colleagues!

Yours in solidarity,

Will Mahoney-Watson
Acting FFAP VP of Communications, on behalf of your Joint Bargaining Team
(Frank Goulard, Allison Gross, Peter Seaman, Michael Cannarella, Shirlee Geiger, Jeff Grider, Cherie Maas-Anderson, Elisabeth Garcia Davidson)