Bargaining Update #9

PCCFFAP and PCC Management continued negotiating over a package proposal submitted by management on August 21. The following covers progress made in negotiation sessions on August 23 & 26. Agreements were reached on some issues but a tentative agreement (T.A.) is contingent on all of the items in the package being resolved.

Note that we are still in non-economic (or non-monetary) bargaining. Any issues relating to salary or benefits are negotiated jointly with the Classified Federation.

In the interest of getting this update out quickly, I haven’t included links to the contract, and this may not be an exhaustive list. Please reach out to the bargaining team if you have questions! 

  • Career Path and Transfer opportunities for APs: After FFAP’s prior proposals were rejected by HR, the Federation proposed a memo of understanding (MOU) which would commit HR to form a work group with APs to try and develop formal leadership and career path opportunities (including to management positions at PCC) as well as transfer opportunities for APs. Management responded by listing current and planned professional development opportunities for APs at PCC. They said they are not interested in working with APs beyond what they are already doing, but that they might consider holding one “listening session.” FFAP asked how many APs had been involved in the current and proposed professional development opportunities and the answer was 0. FFAP continued to press for collaborative effort and commitment (formalized by an MOU) to address these issues which are the #1 and #2 priorities of APs, respectively. 
  • Team Teaching: FFAP withdrew our request for instructors who team-teach to split the benefits by allowing one to qualify for the full tuition waiver.
  • Part time faculty step roll: referred to monetary
  • Part time faculty compensation for district roles: referred to monetary
  • “Best Available Instructor” – this issue is being rolled into the conversation about Assignment rights (see below)
  • Multi-Year Contracts (MYC) and Assignment Rights (AR): Management is willing to develop a more detailed rubric around “Best Available Instructor.” FFAP is willing to consider phasing out ARs at the end of the contract in 2023. At that time, we could move to a new system in which PT faculty will know how to get priority consideration for class assignments based on a transparent rubric – a different form of job security tied to an institutional set of criteria. In the meantime, management agreed to maintain 300 MYCs and pilot cross-campus MYCs – specifics will be discussed in monetary.
  • Campus Safety: FFAP agreed to management’s contract language addressing safety, and management verbally agreed to mandatory, paid training for all faculty, but this will not be included in the current package – rather it will be moved to monetary discussion.
  • Grievance procedure: FFAP and management continued to discuss changes to the grievance timeline. Both sides are currently considering a compromise position that would allow a grievance to be terminated if the Federation defaults on the Step 1 timeline of filing within 22 business days of the event or grievant’s first knowledge of the event. If management or the Federation defaults on a post-step 1 timeline, the grievance would proceed to the next step.
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