Bargaining Update #8

On August 21, Management presented FFAP with a package proposal of 24 outstanding non-monetary issues. FFAP caucused to formulate a reply, after which FFAP presented a counter package proposal. Management asked for another caucus in order to formulate a reply. Their eventual response  included six “No” to important FFAP issues, five “We can continue to discuss,” three “Move to monetary,” and two “Move to FDC work group.” As a result, we scheduled another bargaining meeting for Monday August 26. (Click here to sign up to observe). The following is a summary of items included in management’s proposal:

Management requested FFAP withdraw the following:

  • Career Path for APs. After rejecting FFAP’s initial proposal to create a leadership distinction for APs similar to the Faculty Department Chair, the Federation asked management to sign a memo of understanding (MOU) committing HR staff to working with a group of APs over the next year to identify opportunities for APs to advance their careers, including opportunities to qualify for management positions. Management refused to sign an MOU or to commit the institution to further conversation on the matter. 
  • Transfer and Recall Rights for APs. The Federation presented a proposal that would guarantee APs who are affected by layoff or FTE reductions the right to transfer to any open position for which they were qualified. Management rejected FFAP’s proposal, as well as a followup proposal to sign an MOU agreeing to look at small groups of positions where job descriptions are similar, with the idea that employees whose jobs are very similar (but with different titles) could have increased opportunity to transfer. 
  • Benefits when Team Teaching – Management insists that instructors who team teach are splitting the work 50/50 and therefore any time spent beyond that cannot be used to qualify for increased salary or benefits, even when both instructors are present during classroom hours.
  • Part time faculty Step Roll – allows faculty to be considered for step advancement twice per year instead of once per year. Management says it is too labor intensive.
  • Part time Faculty compensation for district roles – FFAP requested that PT faculty be compensated at the same hourly rate that  FT faculty receive for a step release.
  • Best available instructor – management rejected FFAP’s request to define this or to work with us to create a matrix that aligns with YESS.
  • FDC selection, training, assessment, onboarding – management requested that we move this to the FDC work group outside of bargaining.
  • Campus Safety – management rejected our proposal to add more substantive language to the contract around safety, including mandatory paid training for all instructors.

On the following topics, Management presented counter proposals that included:

  • Elimination of assignment rights, permanent adoption of multi-year contracts (MYCs) with full management discretion over how they are awarded, no screening committee requirements, and no right to grieve the termination of a MYC
  • Eliminating Steps 1, 6, &7  on the AP pay scale, moving to a 4-Level system
  • An updated grievance procedure contract article which weakens the current timeline language for FFAP.
  • A separate Health and Safety contract article which inserts new progressive language, but doesn’t go far enough for FFAP members’ interests and protections.

Both sides agreed to move to economic discussions:

  • Part time faculty compensation/pay equity
  • Health insurance caps
  • AP Leave Bank: allow it to be used for caregiving
  • PT faculty sick leave
  • Compensation

Background information can be found in previous bargaining updates but feel free to reach out to the bargaining team if you have questions about a specific issue.