Bargaining Update #7

  • Housekeeping: Admin requested several changes to contract language updating titles to reflect current job titles. (T.A. signed on August 12)
  • Article 3.64 and 3.12 (followup) Casual Professionals Admin and FFAP agreed on changes to the contract allowing casual employees to apply for temporary and permanent internal job postings. (T.A. signed on August 12)
  • AP Duties and Compensation (followup) Discussion continued around career advancement opportunities for APs. Both management and FFAP expressed strong interest in this topic. Admin was cool to the idea of creating  “Lead” or “Senior” designation for APs as proposed on August 9, but we discussed other possibilities, including working with managers to change the job requirements or creating more intermediate-level jobs. FFAP drafted a Memorandum of Understanding in which admin would commit to a joint committee that would work on this issue and present recommendations in Fall 2020. Admin was receptive but wanted to consult with other stakeholders about the language. The discussion around AP Levels 6&7 will be tackled during economic discussions.
  • Article 25 Grievance Procedure (followup) Admin presented a counter-proposal to FFAP’s request to reduce the number of formal steps in the grievance process and clarify that the grievance timeline begins on the day the violation occurred OR the day on which the grievant became aware of the violation. Admin agreed to most of FFAP’s changes and the team will review the counter-proposal in more detail with the hope of reaching a T.A. at the next meeting.
  • Article 24 Transfer and Recall Rights for APs Affected by Layoffs and FTE Reductions (followup) On August 9, FFAP proposed improving transfer opportunities for APs, so that an AP who receives a notice of layoff or FTE reduction can transfer to any open position at the College for which they are qualified. FFAP brought up the fact that many AP positions are very similar but with different titles. Admin was interested in seeing a list of these positions and suggested we may be able to get at this by aligning job titles. Admin is very resistant to the idea of giving up management discretion over hiring decisions.
  • Article 7  Faculty Assessment (followup) FFAP and admin agreed to contract language stating that student evaluations should not be the sole basis of assessment for PT faculty. Both sides also agreed that PT instructors who teach in the same subject area at more than one campus/center will be given an initial assessment at each campus/center, but that FDCs and/or administrative supervisors will collaborate on future assessments. Finally, both sides agreed that results of student evaluations for FT faculty for at least one section per term will be made available to the Division Dean/administrative supervisor, and that if the faculty member does not identify the course prior to the start of the term, the dean/supervisor will have the discretion to select the course. (T.A. signed on August 12)
  • Article 28 (followup) FFAP proposed that (1) faculty who make modifications to a shared online shell (work that is not compensated in the event of class cancelation) retain sole ownership of the modifications, and (2) faculty have access to their modifications even if the CRN is reassigned. Admin submitted a counter proposal agreeing to the #2 only.
  • Article 27 (followup) Campus Safety Discussion continued around whether to include language about safety in the contract versus in college policies. Admin proposed a standalone article addressing safety (currently Safety is addressed alongside parking and facilities) and adding a preamble that would affirm the college’s commitment to preventing violence, improving communication protocols, and providing training, resources, and support for all employees. Admin is supportive of mandatory safety training for all faculty and is currently looking into the cost.
  • Joint FFAP-Administration FDC Subcommittee (followup) (Management: Kurt Simonds, Jeremy Estrella, Jen Piper, and Karen Sanders.  Faculty: Matt Stockton, Shannon Baird, Ken Friedrich, and Heather Mayer) (followup) Discussion continued around the recommendations of the subcommittee with the two sides close to agreement. We expect a T.A. at the next meeting.
  • Due to potential financial impact, the following previously-discussed agenda items have been moved to economic bargaining, which is set to begin jointly with the PCC Federation of Classified Employees on August 14: Compensation for Independent Study Classes, AP Leave Bank.

*T.A. = Tentative Agreement, meaning both sides have agreed but the decision will not be put into effect until each side has voted to approve the final contract in its entirety. 

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