Bargaining Update 19

On Tuesday November 5, FFAP and FCE bargaining team members presented PCC administration with a spreadsheet that tallies the cost of various economic packages. This gives us tools to tinker with adjustments to the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), or analyze frontloading costs versus phasing in changes in over two or four years. Now we can explore flexible ways of funding the Federations’ priorities. Because it’s an informal work group (as opposed to formal bargaining), neither side is making proposals or commitments. The plan is to agree broadly on how much things might cost, perhaps develop a couple of scenarios for funding an economic package, then return to the bargaining table on November 15 to exchange formal proposals.

The administration once again asked the federations to identify our priorities, and we responded as we have each time they have asked: Everything is our priority. We want a meaningful COLA for all members, pay equity for part time faculty, a new top step for full time faculty, a resolution to the AP Levels 6&7 debacle, as well as steps and COLA for our Classified colleagues, and a handful of lower-cost but critically important items. (See here for a complete list.)

The federations are open to creative ways of structuring the deal. But we can’t accept the status quo where our members continue losing ground in this economy.

The work group will meet one more time next Tuesday. Please stay tuned for ways you can support the bargaining team as they return to the table on November 15 from 9am-noon at CLIMB. You can sign up to observe here.

Thank you for the support and please reach out with questions or feedback.

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