Bargaining Update #18

As mentioned in our previous update, official bargaining sessions are being put on hold so that a workgroup consisting of representatives from both PCC unions and administration can meet in a more informal setting to try to come up with  potential monetary scenarios for productively moving forward. This workgroup will meet three times before the next full bargaining session, which is tentatively scheduled for mid-November.

The brief update from Tuesday’s workgroup session is that the two teams agreed to work from a shared spreadsheet, so that we can establish some agreement about how much things cost, from which we can create potential scenarios. The two sides are often in disagreement when it comes to costing out the different proposals, with admin insisting things cost way more than the Federation’s estimates. So this commitment represents progress and a desire by both sides to make a deal to settle the contract.

Our next bargaining workgroup will happen next Tuesday. Look for another update toward the end of next week, and be in touch if you have questions or feedback in the meantime. Thank you once again for all your support and encouragement!

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