Bargaining Stalls

Will Mahoney-Watson, Acting VP of Communications, guest-writes this bargaining update.

Dear Colleagues:

Your FFAP and FCE bargaining team met with the administration team this week on Tuesday, July 18th at the CLIMB Center, for a scheduled meeting from 9am to noon. There were no new items on the agenda.

The Admin team asked us to prioritize our requests. Joint Federations Bargaining Team member Shirlee Geiger read this Team Statement of Priorities. After a brief caucus, the Admin team said they needed “realistic proposals” and ended the session, even after our team offered to talk about that we might be able to offer in return.

The meeting ended at that point at 9:50am, without having accomplished anything else. The Federations felt that the meeting could have continued with exchanges of proposals and productive discussions, especially since there were 20 observers who made time to attend the meeting.

The bargaining team and the 20 observers, who had made special arrangements to attend the bargaining session, were extremely disappointed that the management team walked out of the session without entertaining any proposals – or even discussing the possibility of entertaining proposals. Michael Morrow, a veteran of over 100 bargaining sessions, remarked that he had never attended a more abrupt bargaining session. Our team is ready to bargain. When will the admin team be ready?

We are encouraging observers to attend the next meeting on Thursday, July 27th at 9am at CLIMB. We need as many observers as possible to be a visible presence and show solidarity.

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Sign up to attend the next bargaining session! (The deadline to sign up for the July 27th meeting is Monday. July 24th)
  2. Please Button up!
  3. Attend the PCC Board Meeting, currently scheduled for Thursday evening, July 27th at Newberg Center.
  4. Wear a Transparency T-shirt, available at the Federation office.
  5. Spread the word to your colleagues!

Yours in solidarity,

Will Mahoney-Watson
Acting VP of Communications, on behalf of your bargaining team (Frank Goulard, Allison Gross, Peter Seaman, Michael Cannarella, Shirlee Geiger, Jeff Grider, Cherie Maas-Anderson, Elisabeth Garcia Davidson)