Bargaining Update #11

On Sept. 10, your Federation bargaining team met with administration to hear admin’s response to our monetary proposal. Keeping in mind that the state budget includes roughly $60 million more for community colleges than PCC had originally budgeted for, the Federation had proposed the following items:

  • A Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) that meaningfully addresses the steep cost of living increases in the Portland metro area over the last decade
  • Increasing the health insurance caps
  • The elimination of levels 1&7 on the Academic Professional (AP) pay scale and then moving every AP up one level. (Background on this issue here.)
  • Instructional pay parity for part-time faculty (equal pay for equal work)
  • Changes to the Faculty Department Chair (FDC) compensation structure. (background here.)
  • A new top step for full-time faculty, and elimination of the bottom step

Administration’s response was to ask us to come back with something reasonable.

Realizing that the Federation was not going to scale back their request, administration finally responded with a counter-proposal, which included:

  • A 1% per year COLA

That’s it.

After hearing about PCC employees who are struggling to make ends meet, who are making wrenching compromises on everything from health care to housing and child care, PCC administration proposed a COLA that essentially allows PCC Faculty and APs to continue losing ground. 

We need a strong show of solidarity in the coming weeks to show administration that our members find this unacceptable. If you agree that a 1% COLA is not enough, we need you to take action:

  • Wear your union t-shirt and buttons to in-service on Sept. 16, and come to the General Membership Meeting at 11:30 in ST 100. If you need a t-shirt or button, please stop by the Federation office (SY ST 01) or email our staff organizer Mary Sykora
  • Come to the PCC Board Meeting on September 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Sylvania campus. Wear your union t-shirt and buttons, and send a message to the board that we are not backing down from our goal of a fair and reasonable contract. (More details about our plan for that evening coming soon.)
  • Come to the next bargaining session – September 20 from 1-4 p.m. at CLIMB. If administration won’t let everyone in the room, we’ll rally outside instead. Sign up here.

Bargaining Update #10

On Friday, August 31, PCCFFAP and PCC management reached a tentative agreement (T.A.)* on non-economic issues. The teams will now move on to bargaining wages and benefits. What follows are the items that were most recently resolved. 

Members will have a chance to vote on the proposed contract changes, along with changes to wages and benefits, when both sides reach a T.A. on an economic package. The Federation will send a complete summary of the proposed changes at that time. In the meantime, you can find information in past bargaining updates, and you may contact the bargaining team with more specific questions or feedback.

  • Career Path for APs: Management agreed to two meetings between the Director of HR Administrative Services and up to five APs to discuss career advancement opportunities for APs. As part of this effort, the Federation will be seeking input and involvement from every AP. APs, please look for an email with more details in the next week. 
  • Transfer and Recall Rights for APs: HR will explore the possibility of creating transfer opportunities within the following job groupings:
    •  Academic Advising Specialist, Student Resource Specialist, Learning Skills Specialist
    • Career Services Coordinator, Career Pathways Coordinator, Cooperative Education/Placement Coordinator
    • Employment Specialist, Cooperative Education/Student Employment Specialist

This review will be conducted during the 2019-20 academic year. APs, watch your email for more information on how you can contribute to this effort. 

  • Multi-Year Contracts (MYC) and Assignment Rights (AR): The administration agreed to the following:
  1. Maintain 300 MYCs and pilot cross-campus and/or district MYCs. 
  2. Maximize workloads for MYC faculty up to part-time limits when feasible. 
  3. Continue to apply existing Best Instructor Available and Priority Consideration criteria to assignments of part-time faculty, including part-time faculty with AR, until new criteria completed, piloted, and finalized (Fall 2020).
  4. Create a system for part-time faculty to indicate interest and availability to teach unstaffed courses on all campuses by Fall 2020. 
  5. Sunset all ARs at the conclusion of Summer term 2021.
  • Grievance procedure: The Federation and administration agreed that if the college fails to comply with grievance timelines, the grievance will proceed to the next step. If the Federation fails to comply with the grievance timelines at Step 1, the grievance shall be withdrawn. 
  • PT Faculty Workload Exceptions: For part-time instructors teaching both Lecture and Lab CRNs of linked lab Science classes, the workload limit will be up to .91 per term for three terms per year, and there will be no one-term exception of 1.09.  A fourth term (e.g. summer) limit will remain under .82. 
  • Faculty Department Chair (FDC) changes: FDCs serve 3-year contracts that can be renewed by the Administrative Supervisor as long as they are in accordance with 6.612 & 6.613. PT faculty will be eligible to be considered for FDC appointment if there is not an interested/available FT faculty member OR if they would be a co-FDC alongside a FDC who is continuous appointment. (Changes to FDC release and stipend formula will be discussed during economic bargaining.) 

*T.A. = Tentative Agreement, meaning both sides have agreed but the decision will not be put into effect until each side has voted to approve the final contract in its entirety.