May 2019 Endorsements

The Political and Legislative Action Committee (PLAC) of the Portland Community College Faculty Federation and Academic Professionals (PCCFFAP), AFT -OR local 2277,  recommends the following Candidates for the May 21, 2019 Special Districts election. All candidates and opponents (where there was an opponent) replied to a questionnaire provided by us. We hope that members of the PCCFFAP support these community members who share our values in collective bargaining, education and accessible opportunities for all. These are all nonpartisan positions. Please update your voter registration at if needed.

Portland Community College Board of Directors:

  • Michael Sonnleitner** – PCC Board of Directors – Zone 3 – Re-Elect
  • Alex Diaz Rios** – PCC Board of Directors – Zone 7 – Elect – Open Seat

Tualatin Hills Park and Rec District Board of Directors:

Portland Public School District Board of Directors  :

Multnomah Educational Special District

  • Denyse Peterson*     – MESD Elect (appointed) –

Hillsboro School District Board of Directors

Forest Grove School District Board of Directors

*current PCCFFAP/PCCFCE member
**former member PCCFFAP/AFT OR
***current union member, Guild for Professional Pharmacists
****former union member AFSCME

2019 FFAP Elections

Below are candidate statements for the positions up for election to serve on the Faculty and Academic Professionals PCCFFAP Executive Council for 2019-2021. Successful candidates will begin their two-year term of service on July 1, 2019. These candidate names will be on the ballot.

The PCCFFAP Executive Council recommends a revision of the PCCFFAP Constitution and Bylaws with updating to current practices and language use. The vote on the revision will also be on the ballot.

Ballots will be mailed Friday, May 10th to addresses on record. They must be returned either in person at the PCCFFAP office at Sylvania campus (ST 01) or by mail using the self-addressed envelope by Thursday, May 30th.

The following positions are still being actively recruited for and can be filled with approval by the Executive Council:

  • Campus Representative for Rock Creek – Full Time Faculty
  • Campus Representative for Southeast – Full Time Faculty
  • Campus Representative for Southeast – Academic Professionals
  • Campus Representative for Cascade – Full Time Faculty
  • Nominations and Elections Officer

We are still recruiting for these positions. If you are interested in learning more about these positions or suggesting a colleague to serve, please contact Frank Goulard or get in touch with one of your campus representatives.

Candidate statements

Executive Vice President

Matt Stockton

I would be honored to continue serving as Executive Vice-President for PCCFFAP.  My experiences at PCC over the past 18 years as Philosophy faculty (part-time & full-time), SAC Chair, Department Chair (SY: PHL/PSY), Executive Council Vice-President, and bargaining team member have afforded me the wealth of experience necessary to understand what the College does well, what it doesn’t, and how it might be improved.  From these insights I believe I’m well positioned to effectively contribute to outcomes that better serve students, the Federation, and PCC. Please feel free to contact me directly ( if you are ever interested in sharing your own ideas and concerns. Thank you for your consideration and passionate work.


Michele Marden

I have been honored to serve as the Treasurer for our union since 2013. The Supreme Court decision (Janus vs AFSCME) had the potential to financially decimate unions. FFAP did have a significant loss from losing “fair share” dues this academic year. Fair Share fee is the amount of money non-union employees used to pay to cover the cost of collective bargaining for an employee class. Fortunately, because of you and your continued support, the loss hasn’t been as bad as projected and FFAP is stable in the short-term. THANK YOU! With your vote, I look forward to continuing in this role and helping our union remain fiscally strong.

Vice President for Grievance and Contract Administration – Full Time Faculty

Emiliano Vega

Serving as your FT Grievance Officer has allowed me to meet, listen and learn more about our members than I could have imagined. I appreciate more every day the work our members do year after year. Being your FT Grievance Officer has also allowed me to represent and support members during their challenges and struggles. This has made, and continues to make our union stronger. I look forward to strengthening our union in the years to come. I look forward to strengthening my relations and outreach to all members (faculty and AP). I hope to continue to represent you as your FT Grievance Officer.

Vice President for Grievance and Contract Administration – Part Time Faculty

Shirlee Geiger

I ask for your vote as Grievance/Contract Administration Officer for the Majority Faculty (aka “part-time” instructors.)

I have served in this role since Fall 2015, and continue to learn and grow in the role. I serve as the first point of contact for a “part-time” instructor who is facing possible disciplinary action OR who feels they have been treated unfairly and seeks a remedy. My task is to help you understand the process and have someone on your side in any struggle with PCC administration.

Additionally, I served on the bargaining team in 2017 for the wage and benefit reopener, and am serving on the bargaining team for the 2019 renegotiation of the entire contract. I am working toward the ideal of one pay scale for ALL instructors, so we all get equal pay for equal work. I continue to believe this is achievable, if we all work together.

I believe there is no answer to the current plague of income inequality without a vibrant and high functioning labor movement. I am working as hard as I can to be part of this movement at PCC. Please vote for me, so I can continue in this meaningful role.

Vice President for Political and Legislative Action

Ira Erbs

I am honored to be nominated by Jaime Rodriguez for this position.

I have been a member of AFT PCCFFAP for 7 years and a Union member for 36. I have attended both the Washington Education Association State, the National NEA and AFT-Oregon Conventions. I have also worked as a Member of the Southwest Washington Labor Council, and a Precinct Committee Person for my District in Multnomah County for a number of years. I represent the Evergreen Education Association on the Jobs with Justice Board. I previously taught Government and have been a member of the Political and Legislative Action Committee for two years. I believe that I will be a strong advocate for PCC in each of my above positions and in our community. I appreciate your support.

Oversight and Bylaws Officer

Sylvia Gray

I became interested in this position simply because I facilitated the rewrite of the Federation Constitution and Bylaws as well as the new Executive Council Policies Handbook (ECPH). Having delved into the issues and topics, I became more appreciative of the complexities involved in running a healthy organization. In the process we tried through many discussions, both in the ad hoc Constitution and Bylaws Revision Committee and with the Executive Council, to address various outstanding issues and challenges as we worked through the revision process. I would like to continue to serve on the Executive Council in this newly developed capacity.

Alyssa M. Hanson-Eggebrecht

Hello PCCFFAP members! My name is Alyssa Eggebrecht and I am asking for your vote for the Oversight and Bylaws Officer. My work at PCC as an AP is in the role of Research Analyst in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. I also serve on the Grievance Committee and attend regular Contract Administration Meetings. I enjoy reading topics in educational research and articles discussing current successes and challenges in higher education. I keep current with federal and state regulations that affect education and communities. Therefore with my experience and knowledge, I have the ability to perform the functions of Oversight and Bylaws Officer – most importantly supporting the work of diverse members of a committee that oversee and review the effectiveness of our Federation on behalf of all PCCFAPs.

Campus Representative for Rock Creek – Part-Time Faculty

Pam Beaty

I have had the privilege of serving as the part time faculty representative for Rock Creek for the past two years and have enjoyed meeting many of my colleagues and learning about their experiences teaching at Rock Creek. I have become very interested in the area of faculty safety and protecting and expanding the rights of our part time faculty, and have worked with our contract negotiation team to craft language for our next contract that will make our faculty safer. My goal is to help shift the conversation to more respect for part time faculty. In the meantime, I hope to meet many more of my colleagues, especially new faculty, and make sure they know about our union and their rights.

Campus Representative for Rock Creek – Academic Professionals

Patricia Kepler

My name is Patricia Kepler and I have been working as an AP for PCC for almost  two years and was part of the Faculty Diversity Internship Program in 2014. Prior to coming to PCC I served as community liaison for a local nonprofit, representing our organization  with city, county and state agencies. I have received two Governor appointments to state Commissions and most recently graduated from the Oregon Labor candidate School.

I am new to union membership, but I am a skilled advocate who believes everybody deserves representation. I have earned my master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and  have completed coursework, but still working on my dissertation in Public Policy. The advancement of social change is my passion and I am eager to take an active role in developing a more inclusive work environment at PCC.

Nicole Shappart

Dear Fellow Colleagues, I deeply believe in equitable student success.  I further believe that students are only as successful as the faculty and academic professionals (AP) that surround them.  I believe the union supports an AP’s success by improving work conditions and unifying our voice. As the RC AP representative, I will support your success by making certain that you are heard and remain connected to and informed by the FFAP.  

Previous volunteer leadership roles include:

  • Two years on the Board of Directors for a professional development organization (Oregon Women in Higher Education)
  • Staff Senator, a governance role, at Pacific University

I am proud of my AP Colleagues.  I appreciate your vote.

Nicole Shappart, M.Ed.
Academic Advising Specialist

Campus Representative for Southeast – Part-Time Faculty

Kris Fink

I have spent eighteen years teaching at PCC under the label of “part-time faculty.” Serving on the Executive Council the last several years has allowed me to voice my advocacy for and commitment to fighting for equity and job security for contingent faculty. Through my work with the Executive Council and engagement with contract negotiations, I will continue to press for pro-rata pay, and the recognition, respect, and security that contingent faculty at the college deserve.  I also initiated PCC’s first Campus Equity Event week which will hopefully remain a semi-annual celebration of the work contingent faculty do across the college.

An Open Letter

(Photo credit Texas State Teachers Association)

To Oregon’s K-12 Educators

To our friends and colleagues:

In this moment, when educators around the country, from West Virginia to L.A. to Chicago, are leading transformative struggles for more just and equitable communities, we want to tell you this: we are moved by your courage and outrage, and we stand with you.  

We understand that for decades, all levels of public education have been under assault by the forces of austerity and privatization.  We’re inspired by educators who aren’t just trying to hold ground – to slow the decline – but who are demanding bold new visions that hold up education as a central part of a fair and democratic society.  

Many of us will be in the streets with you on May 8th.  

In solidarity!

The Portland Community College Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals