2019-23 Contract Bargaining Platform

PCCFFAP United for a Fair Contract

PCC Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals supports student success by bargaining for equitable salaries, good benefits, and safe working conditions. United for a Fair Contract is a platform developed after surveys and multiple conversations with members during Fall 2018. It reflects our shared commitment to strengthening PCC and providing the best education for our students.

  1. Fair Pay and Benefits for Faculty and APs: Faculty and AP salary and benefits should, at minimum, keep up with the cost of living in the Portland Metro area.
  • A significant portion of of our members are struggling with the cost of housing (40%), health care (64%), food (25%), and other necessities
  • PT Faculty have eleven steps, while FT Faculty have 17. PT faculty are paid, depending on their step, anywhere from 5% to 33% less than FT faculty for teaching the same course.

What We Want: One pay scale for all faculty; COLAs commensurate with cost of living; increase in college contribution to health insurance.

2. Manageable Workload: Faculty and APs deserve a manageable workload and fair compensation for instructional and non-instructional work.

  • All job classes report increasing workload with the demands of necessary assessment, retention, committee, customer service, and curricular work.
  • Employees – especially PT faculty – are not offered compensation for service to the college and committee work

What We Want: Manageable workload; fair compensation for non-instructional work.

3. Job Security: All Faculty and APs deserve job security.

  • 30% of members feel somewhat or very insecure with regard to their PCC employment.
  • PT Faculty experience high levels of stress and uncertainty around class assignments each term, particularly those who rely on PCC for their health insurance benefits.

What We Want:  Increase in the number of classes PT faculty can teach; improved transfer and recall rights for grant-funded APs; more transparent job & class assignments/scheduling

4. Career Opportunities and Professional Development: Faculty and APs deserve meaningful access to professional development and opportunities for career advancement.

  • Zero APs have been placed in Level 6&7 positions since their creation in 2005.
  • PT Faculty who wish to be FT have no clear path and are often passed over when FT positions open up.
  • APs who informally manage budgets and supervise personnel are not able to count this as management experience.
  • The role of FDCs is poorly defined. FDCs need support and training.

What We Want: Define AP 6& 7 positions and establish a process to reclassify some AP positions. Pathway to management for APs, Pathway to FT for PT faculty.

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