Candidate Statements

Executive Vice-President 

Matt Stockton

It has been an honor to serve as the Executive Vice President for PCCFFAP.  I would be grateful for the opportunity to continue doing so with integrity guided by fairness, transparency, and pragmatism.


Michele Marden

I have been honored to serve as PCCFFAP Treasurer since 2013. 

As chair of the Finance Committee, our team of members and staff have:

  • Strengthened our budget analysis
  • Created policies for more stable budgeting
  • Supported creation of the Hardship Fund during COVID
  • Reenvisioned dues to be more equitable as % of salary and to recover from recent financial hits which include:
  • Anti-union SCOTUS Janus vs AFSCME decision regarding “fair share” dues
  • 2019 Administration’s delay during collective bargaining

Don’t miss your chance to vote on our proposed dues structure!

With your vote, I look forward to keeping our union fiscally strong and joining with YOU in our organizing work — PCC’s future MUST include the voices of all faculty and academic professionals.

Oversight and Bylaws Officer

Barry Edwards

My name is Barry Edwards and I ask for your vote as Oversight and Bylaws Officer. 

I have a great deal of experience in union work, including working with Bylaws and  other organizational documents, in both AFT-Oregon and OEA. I understand the  importance of bylaws and other organizational documents as guiding documents for leadership and membership.  

If elected, I will make certain all metrics used to evaluate the Executive Council, the  Executive Council Policies Handbook, and the Federation’s effectiveness are fair and  accurate. I will staff the Oversight and Bylaws Committee fairly and according to  current Bylaws, and I will see that all documents, schedules, and reports are done in a  timely manner.  

Thank you.

Vice President Political and Legislative Action 

Mary Schutten

Hello union family! 

My name is Mary Schutten (she/ her/hers). I have worked at PCC for 9 years. I have been on our union’s Political and Legislative Action Committee (PLAC) for nearly 2 years. I am an AFT-Oregon delegate for our local. This year I was Chair for the (ZOOM) state wide elections. For the last 14 years, I have also been  a “super volunteer” (read: super free – : ). I go all in — mostly for womxn and WOC candidates and causes I believe in. I live with my spouse on a houseboat in SE.

I would be honored to have your vote to be the Chair for PLAC representing our union as we interview candidates & research legislation to make sure of pro-union support!

Vice President for Grievance and Contract Administration, Full Time Faculty 

Emiliano Vega

Serving as the FT grievance officer for three years has been a learning experience with how to best communicate with our members and stand up for their needs. While challenging, I look forward to continuing this work and growing our capacity for organization and action to better serve our members.

Vice President for Grievance and Contract Administration, Part Time Faculty 

Shirlee Geiger

I ask for your vote as Grievance/Contract Administration Officer for Job Insecure Faculty (aka “part-time” instructors.)

Since Fall 2015, I have been the first point of contact for “part-time” instructors facing possible disciplinary action OR who feel they have been treated unfairly and seek a remedy. My task is to help our members understand the process and have someone on their side in any struggle with PCC administration.

 My major goal for the next two years, if reelected to this position, is to support a PT Bargaining Advisory Board to identify bargaining priorities and maximize engagement from our “part-time” membership. 

The routine disrespect and devaluing of the majority of our faculty that has become part of the status quo at PCC has got to change!!

Campus Representatives

Southeast Part Time Faculty 

Kris Fink

Several years ago, the stylist cutting my hair asked me an innocuous enough question: “Do you like your job?” I paused for a long while before responding, “I love my job.  I do not like the conditions in which I do my job.” I reflect often on the simple truth of my statement and how it has informed my work with the union and commitment to doing what I can to help improve work conditions for “part-time instructors.”  As I approach my 20th year anniversary at PCC, and my 15th year at the SE campus, I renew my commitment to fighting for equity, for respect, for basic fairness for the treatment of all  “part-time” faculty at PCC who truly do keep the college running. 

Southeast Full Time Faculty 

Jimena Alvarado

I am running for the FT representative position at SE Campus. I come from a union family and feel so lucky to have a strong union at work. I believe that solidarity and working together are some of the most important values we can develop. As a Social Justice educator, I get to help my students understand the ways that collaboration and coalition help us shift the dynamics of power, and I believe that unions are some of our best tools for overthrowing power imbalances. I’d love to continue to serve in my role. 

Southeast Academic Professionals 

Michelle Parr

As an AP with PCC for almost 19 years I’ve been dedicated to the meaningful work we do.  During these years, I’ve noticed areas that needed improvement for AP’s.  I advocated for AP’s with the cabinet in our last negotiations for fair pay, step increases, and COLA back pay. I pointed out the value and passion of our staff.  As the SE AP Union Rep, I’ve participated on several committees including the AP Career Path to promote opportunities for employee training, advancement, and creating a path to management. If re-elected, I’d advocate for implementing an annual lottery review process for job reclassifications and AP transitions to other campus locations and classification promotions while maintaining seniority. I remain committed to supporting our AP staff at SE.

Rock Creek Part Time Faculty 

No candidate

Rock Creek Full Time Faculty 

Michael McGovern

I join the FFAP during the last round of bargaining.  I wanted to learn more about the bargaining process and to see how our union advocates for its members.  I joined two years about as the Full Time Faculty Representative for Rock Creek.  Since then, I have attended the Executive Council meetings and PCC Board meetings to be an active supporter and advocate for all of our union members.   I still have a lot to learn about our union and my role as a campus representative but I want to continue to serve in whatever capacity I can to help be an advocate for the good of the union and the good of our faculty.  

Thank you. 

Rock Creek Academic Professionals

No candidate