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My Hair, My Health PDX Fundraiser:
Streaming Standing on My Sister’s Shoulders 

Summary of movie:

Celebrate the brave Black women that fought voter suppression in the 1960s and WON!

August 21st, 2021 at 1:00 pm

Zoom Panel Discussion at 2pm

PCCFFAP is supporting this event & the tickets are FREE!!

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My Hair, My Health:

About Standing on My Sisters’ Shoulders

The award-winning documentary “Standing on My Sisters’ Shoulders” is the compelling story of the Mississippi Civil Rights movement from the point of view of its remarkable and courageous women who changed the course of history. The film has been in dozens of film festivals, winning ten awards, and has been shown worldwide.  Directed by Laura J. Lipson.  

This fast-paced inspiring documentary reveals how the backbone of the Mississippi Civil Rights movement was a small group of dedicated, strong, black women. They were poor and underfunded, yet fiercely determined to have their share of America’s promise; to give their children a better life. These women risked their lives to register to vote, to integrate the public-school system, and to integrate the political structure of the state.

Meet the Women in the Film!

  • Unita Blackwell, a sharecropper turned activist, who became Mississippi’s first female black mayor
  • Mae Bertha Carter, a mother of 13, whose children became the first to integrate the Drew County schools against dangerous opposition
  • Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, a white student activist who not only participated in sit-ins, but took a stand on integration by attending an all-black university
  • Annie Devine and Victoria Gray Adams, who, along with Fannie Lou Hamer, stepped up and challenged the Democratic Party and President Johnson at the 1964 Convention. They not only brought about change in Mississippi, but they altered the course of American history.  

2021 Reopener Update #5

Thanks to the 100+ members who showed up for yesterday’s pre-bargaining rally and bargaining session! Sadly, the strong support for the FFAP/FCE bargaining team seems to have spooked the administration team, who were no-shows to the actual 1pm zoom bargaining session.

We had a feeling this would happen, as the administration team has repeatedly objected to the presence of (silent, off-camera, chat-disabled) observers because it would be too “disruptive.” It seems like the only place they are willing to make the case for cutting COLAs is behind closed doors.

As frustrating as it is to have bargaining proceed at this glacial pace, we are confident the momentum is with us, particularly due to your support. To keep the process moving, members of the bargaining team met with administration briefly and secured additional bargaining dates in July. Who knows, maybe they’ll even give us a proposal!

Stay tuned for more information about observing—we remain hopeful they’ll come around and make their nonsensical case for COLA cuts directly to you, the members—because sunlight is the best disinfectant!

Of course, the Federations are staying open to any communications from administration regarding changes in their position on cutting COLAs in the first place.

Want to help spread our message? Don’t forget to download and proudly display our new virtual backgrounds: “No Cuts To COLA!” and “Solidarity Forever.”

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Join us for a new, highly interactive training series based on the popular organizing guidebook Secrets of a Successful Organizer. In six short sessions you’ll learn practical organizing tools for talking to your co-workers, taking action together, and getting results.

Each session is based on the insights and know-how of generations of organizers, as well as the concrete experiences of people who’ve won big improvements to their working conditions.

Plus, the series will be co-facilitated by Secret’s co-author Mark Brenner, an AFT member and career instructor for the U of O’s Labor Education and Research Center (LERC).

No need to read the book. Just grab your lunch and join us on Zoom.

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Tuesday, January 26 at Noon

Do you ever feel like your co-workers don’t care or that nothing is going to change? In this session, we’ll discuss the common barriers to getting involved and how to identify what our co-workers really care about.


Tuesday, Feb 2 at Noon

Finding out what will motivate our co-workers to get involved starts with listening, one-on-one. This session will provide an easy-to-follow framework for approaching these conversations.


Tuesday, Feb 9 at Noon

Understanding our rights at work is the first step to asserting them. In this session, we’ll cover our right to union representation and our rights to engage in union activity. Facilitated by Vincent Blanco, FFAP’s Labor Relations Specialist.


Tuesday, Feb 16 at Noon

We’ll discuss the role of workplace leaders – with or without a formal title! – and why they are the key to getting more people to take on the big issues we’re facing.


Tuesday, Feb 23 at Noon

We’ll discuss how to create our network of respected co-workers that can bring people together.  


Tuesday, March 2 at Noon

We’ll discuss how to make a game plan to push management to address the issues our co-workers are concerned about.